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Striking Modern Kitchen Cabinets Design

Modern-Kitchen Cabinets

When many people think about modern home décor, they think about flat surfaces and a clean design overall. However, this decorative style has evolved dramatically across the past several centuries. While it has retained many of its original characteristics, it is now more varied than many people assume. Whether you are remodeling your home or you are building a new home, modern kitchen cabinets may be a great addition to your space.

The Evolution of Modern Kitchen Cabinets


Modern home design was introduced shortly after the turn of the 20th century. The rich ornamentation that was common in home décor up to this time transitioned into flat, sleek surfaces that were free of embellishments. Specifically, modern kitchen cabinets had clean lines with a geometric, simplistic feel. The materials used in kitchen cabinets also evolved. Prior to the introduction of modern home design, cabinets were generally made out of wood. Modern cabinet design often use synthetic materials, such as metal, glass or wood laminates. With these synthetic materials, natural wood stains gave way to bolder color schemes.

Deciding If Modern Kitchen Cabinets Are Right for You

Choosing the right decorative style for your kitchen is challenging, and your decision will ultimately impact the tone of your entire home. This is because of the important role that this room plays in its daily functionality as well as through its décor. Because of this, modern décor in the kitchen is a reasonable and even smart option if your preferred style does not match up with the ornateness that is typical of traditional décor.

Stunning Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs to Consider for Your Home

Keep in mind that a modern kitchen can mean different things to different people. There are a seemingly endless range of possibilities for you to consider that fall under the umbrella of modern home décor. In fact, these are a few of the many variations of modern kitchen cabinets that you can consider installing in your new or remodeled home.

Veneer Wood Cabinetry

If you are torn between the clean look of modern kitchen cabinets and the beauty of natural wood cabinets, veneer wood cabinetry may be a good fit for your home. They generally show the beautiful grain that wood cabinets are known for, and they may be available in rich natural tones. However, they have the clean surfaces and straight lines that are associated with modern home décor. You can complete the look of your modern kitchen cabinets with simple handles and pulls.

Lacquered Cabinets

Red Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets


Red Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to move away from the wood look, lacquered cabinets are a great option to consider. These may have the same overall shape as veneer wood cabinetry, but they are covered with multiple coats of lacquer. The lacquer color is a matter of preference, pick red or blue kitchen cabinets, the sky is the limit in this area. You are not limited only to black and white, which is a common assumption associated with modern kitchen cabinets. The lacquer’s glossy sheen adds a stunning design element to the space. If you choose this type of modern kitchen cabinets, they could have a sleek face without knobs and pulls for an eye-catching finish.

Stained Wood Cabinets

You can use modern kitchen cabinets in your space while still utilizing true hardwood. Consider choosing a wood species that has intense striations and deep grains. You can then choose an intense staining scheme or even a colored stain to bring out the character of the wood. To achieve a true modern look with this approach, remember to choose clean, simplistic surfaces with crisp lines.

Floating Upper Shelves



Floating Upper Shelves

Regardless of the design that you choose for your lower kitchen cabinets, you can move away from upper cabinets in exchange for floating shelves. This will change the entire feel of your space by creating a sense of openness. Because of the increased visibility of your backsplash with floating uppers, you should pay extra attention to the impact that your preferred backsplash may have on the space.

No Uppers

No Upper Cabinets


No Upper Cabinets

With any of these impressive designs for modern kitchen cabinets, you can eliminate the upper cabinets entirely for a truly unique, clean look. This usually works best with a large kitchen, and this is because the lower cabinets may provide all of the storage space that you need for functionality. Eliminating upper storage space in a small kitchen may not be practical. The backsplash can carry up to the ceiling, or it may stop at a traditional location a few feet above the counter. Consider incorporating embedded shelves into the drywall rather than floating mounted shelves for a unique look.

Steel Cabinets

Steel cabinets are another thoughtful option that can elevate your kitchen décor while ensuring individuality. These may have a bright, metallic sheen, or you can work with a metal fabricator to incorporate a gun metal finish or any number of other finishes. Because you typically will need to work with a metal fabricator regardless of the type of finish that you choose for your steel cabinets, these can be perfectly customized to meet your needs.

These are only a few of the many ideas available for you to consider as you explore possibilities for modern kitchen cabinets. For example, many people incorporate glazed glass or other design elements into a modern kitchen design. Now that you know more about the incredible options available for your kitchen, you may be inspired to bring modern elements into your space.