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Blue Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

blue kitchen cabinets

Are you ready to see a beautiful, bold change in your home décor? Whether you are renovating your kitchen or making design decisions for your new home, special attention to color usage is essential. The kitchen is often dubbed the heart of the home because so much of a family’s daily activities together take place in this room. While some people choose to play it safe with neutral tones in the kitchen, incorporating blue kitchen cabinets into your space is a beautiful alternative.

Choosing the Right Shade for Blue Kitchen Cabinets


The psychology of color must be considered when making kitchen décor decisions. Blue is associated with peace and relaxation. It also can visually make a space feel more expansive, cheerful and inviting. From a physiological perspective, blue may reduce stress levels, heart rate and blood pressure. It could even suppress your appetite slightly. With hundreds of azure shades to consider, choosing the right tone for blue kitchen cabinets is not a step to rush through. Darker blue hues, such as navy and midnight, are associated with grandeur, sophistication and luxury. Bright blues, such as Persian or sky blue, elevate moods and create a sense of peace. Light blue cabinets can incorporate airiness and even a whimsical feel into the space. Determining what you want to accomplish from a design standpoint with your new blue kitchen cabinets will help you to quickly narrow down the possibilities.

Moderating Colors When Designing with Blue Kitchen Cabinets


As is the case when decorating with any bold color, the use of blue in your kitchen requires moderation. Blue can be overpowering when it is used excessively. Moderating your use of blue with other shades will make your azure tones pop and may help you to more effectively enjoy the full psychological and physiological benefits that you are trying to achieve.

There are many ways to moderate the use of blue in your kitchen. For example, you can use a 2-tone color scheme, such as by painting the lower cabinets a darker or brighter shade and using a more muted blue tone on the uppers. Another idea is to only paint the island cabinets blue. You can also flip this around by painting all cabinets blue except the island cabinets. The counters, floor and backsplash are also great spaces to incorporate other tones into your kitchen. Small accent pieces, hardware and window treatments also play a role in defining the design. Wood tones, white, cream and other neutral shades are smart options that often accompany blue kitchen cabinets.

Beautiful Blue Cabinet Design Ideas


The shade of blue that you select and how heavily it is used in your space should correspond well with the overall theme of your space. For example, a plantation-style kitchen may incorporate soft gray-blue tones with cream counters, brushed nickel hardware and ornate detailing.

A contemporary kitchen, on the other hand, may utilize a deeper blue with a high gloss finish on the cabinets. This can be incorporated with back-lighting throughout the kitchen and heavy use of silvery metallic finishes. It can even extend to a silver-toned counter.

If you want to incorporate the use of blue into your space subtly, light cream cabinets and gray counters can be paired with a light blue island. This works well with slate-colored flooring and can be the perfect idea for a beachy design scheme. To maintain a less dramatic and more relaxed look, choose a cabinet style with minimal detail.

For a modern kitchen twist on the traditional family kitchen, incorporate charcoal blue cabinets on the uppers and lowers. Pair this with a bright cream hue on the counters and backsplash. White upholstery on the island stools can add further moderation to the use of this darker, deeper shade of blue. Consider a medium wood tone for the flooring.

You can also bring blue into your kitchen with a farmhouse décor. Robin’s egg blue cabinets can be used with exposed wood beams on the ceiling, white wainscoting around the island and chunky knobs and pulls. An alternative to wainscoting is painted bricks. A lighter shade on the counters and throughout the backsplash is a smart idea, and you can incorporate soft lighting through large windows and smaller light fixtures.

You can see that blue kitchen cabinets can be used to achieve a wide range of design goals. Your ability to choose the perfect shade of blue for your cabinets as well as your selection of other built-in features and transient accessories can directly impact how effective your use of blue is. With this in mind, you should plan out all aspects of your kitchen design before installing new cabinets or painting your existing cabinets. Now is the right time to begin exploring cabinet shades and narrowing down the possibilities for your space.